Russian citizens to travel to Bulgaria require a visa.
There are different types of visas: short-term and long-term. Property owners give a special long-term visa.
Short-term visa:
1) Visa for unlimited tourism
2) Tourist Visa
3) Service Visa
4) Visa for private trips
5) Business Visa
In the case of renting an apartment near the sea, you will need a visa to an unlimited tourism.
There are several types of visas, which differ in the number of entries allowed:
1) Single entry
2) double entry
3) Multiple three-month entry
4) Multiple six-month entry
5) Multiple twelve monthly entry
Multivisa for owners of property in Bulgaria. The owner of property in Bulgaria and their families can get multivisa. The first time the visa is issued for 1 year, with a further extension of 3 years. The visa is valid for a year and provides an opportunity to enter repeatedly the territory of Bulgaria and was there for 90 days every six months from the date of first entry.
If you want to buy a house in Bulgaria or other property, you will be available for this visa.
Long-term visas are issued to those who want to get a residence permit valid 1 year or permanent residence in Bulgaria.

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