Anyone who has visited Bulgaria, knows that this country is really like a piece of heaven. Here, in a small area collected all the beauty of the Earth: the high snow-capped mountains, clear and deep sky, warm and tender sea, vast fields and mysterious forests. For centuries, the Bulgarians had to share this beauty with different people and live with them side by side. Perhaps because of this, they still meet foreigners without prejudice, with open hearts - and most foreigners feel like home.

Perhaps the most familiar with this feeling citizens of the former Soviet republics, and especially the Russians. This is so because of the similarity between the languages and traditions and because of common historical destiny in the near past. No coincidence that many Russian seeking to purchase property in Bulgaria and move here on a permanent or temporary residence. Since a 2007 country is a full member of the European Union, immigration to Bulgaria creates the opportunity to travel freely throughout Europe, work and play anywhere.

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