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If you want to buy the property in Bulgaria, then Sveti Vlas is a perfect choice. This is a resort with amazing views, a well-developed infrastructure, and the real estate of high quality.

Sveti Vlas has a long history of its development. We think it would be useful to learn something from the history of this city.


The first settlement was founded here in the 2 nd century A.D. by the Thracian tribes. According to some unconfirmed historical sources, the settlement was named Larisa. It was later named Sveti Vlas in the 14 th century in honor of Saint Vlas, the patron of cattle breeding and trade. As the legend goes, Saint Vlas was subject to torture and torment and was made to renounce his faith. In the 14 th - 17 th centuries, the city suffered the Ottoman Empire expansion. The Turks called the settlement Kücük manastir because there were a lot of monasteries in these places. However, in the 18 th centuriy only the ruins were left from the monasteries. Only the Vlacherna Monastery and St. Andrei Church are preserved as well as many sketes. The Church of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria which was built in the 60s of the 19 th century has been renovated.

Property at the sea

The real estate in Sveti Vlas is in a great demand because of its unique climate. It has an unusual coastal relief with a smooth descent from the mountain covered with pines and leading to small and cozy bays with sandy beaches and clear blue water. Neighboring vibrant Slanchev Bryag, this resort is spectacular in its natural beauty. What is unique about the city is that it has a mountain and a sea air having a favorable effect on the health of the people living here. That is why a purchase of property in Sveti Vlas is especially good for people suffering bronchopulmonary diseases.

Investment in real estate in Bulgaria is one of the most promising investments. The prices for the brand new property and property on the secondary market are constantly increasing.

Sveti Vlas is gaining a new status of a prestigious resort in Bulgaria and in the world. This “pearl” is situated on the coast of the Black Sea in a small bay surrounded by the Stara Planina Mountain. In the city, you will find the only on the Black Sea coast luxurious yacht port Marina Dinevi with a wonderful seaside promenade.

This is a resort for respectable people. Many Bulgarian officials prefer to spend their holidays in Sveti Vlas. The owners of expensive yachts also choose to stay here. That is why safety is on the highest level. There are many surveillance cameras and a security service which see to order without you even noticing it. At night, regular patrols are conducted. You and your children will be feeling completely safe here.

The real estate is completely different from what you can typically see on the resorts. The housing units are complete architectural ensembles with a landscape design and pool, hot tubs, and restaurants on site. The houses are built with the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and tile. You will not find here huge buildings as, for example, in Slanchev Bryag which is just 2 kilometers from Sveti Vlas. The houses are not higher than 5 storey. There are also cozy family apartment hotels and, of course, many restaurants all over the place. The lovers of city entertainments will probably get bored here but if you want to escape city noise, Sveti Vlas is an ideal place.

A well-developed infrastructure and a high level of service attract many people to this resort. In the local restaurants, you will enjoy traditional Bulgarian, Mediterranean, and Greek cuisine. In the wine menu, you will find the best wines from all over the world. These are just a few advantages which stimulate people to buy the property in Bulgaria.

Many people believe that Sveti Vlas is a special place and call it ‘Bulgarian Rublevka’ or ‘Monte Carlo in Bulgaria’ assuming that prices for real estate here are sky-high. However this is not true. Our company carried out the analysis and the results showed that the property in Sveti Vlas is affordable in comparison to other European countries. The prices are growing, so you can be sure that you make a profitable investment buying the property in Sveti Vlas.

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