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You are thinking to buy apartments in Bulgaria from the builder, in which case you need to know how to calculate the area of a particular property in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria there are concepts as the total area and living area, as well as common parts.

In the calculation of the living space includes the area of all the apartments, including balconies, terraces, bathrooms. Visiting the apartment you will probably seem that the apartment is slightly smaller than indicated, the point is that the Bulgarians are beginning to be measured from the middle of masonry, ie floor, walls set off too, and if your apartment is a corner or even take the entire width of the wall.

The total area consists of living area plus the area of the common parts. Common parts, as a rule, corridors, lobbies, entrances, stairwells. Thus, from 7 to 15% of the common parts are added to your apartment.

Across Europe, such rules are counting area, as you know Bulgaria is a European country.

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